Czakras – subtle body organs meaning

How to check the system of your chakras?

To check the status of your chakras?
Chakras or energy centers in the human body, can be inspiring a map indicating which area of life requires you to work where you move freely and where you feel fulfillment.

Knowledge of the chakra system is becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to
hatha yoga and meditation techniques. According to ancient yoga philosophy, man is a
energy. Just as the physical systems in our bodies talk about biological
dimension of life, so the chakras, the energy channels and the human biofield, make its energy system.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means circle, vortex of energy or drive. The chakras are energy centers, which are located in different places of the physical body of man, and at the level of subtle bodies. Seven major placed in the middle of the backbone, along the spinal cord. Each center is located near the endocrine glands.

The chakras act as transceiver stations. They draw vital energy from the universal energy field around us and convert it to the proper frequency. The state of our chakras has a direct impact on the psychological well-being and physical health. Usually, however, the work of these centers is more or less impaired.

What disturbs the work of the chakras?

Chakras are fragile creatures energy, which reflected all the life experiences related to a sense of strong emotions, particularly their suppression (eg. Not expressed aggression, which the person uses against each other, may be one of the causes of depression, in this case impaired is work most of the chakras). The work centers disrupts negative thinking, self-criticism, stay in toxic relationships, but also electromagnetic smog, chemicals and preservatives contained in food, etc. Disturbances in the chakras manifest as physical illnesses, mental health problems and dissatisfaction with the spheres of life.


Ask yourself where you feel spheres of life satisfaction, fulfillment and joy, and that are challenging for you and far in them harmony and fulfillment. If you want positive changes in the sphere, you can work in two ways: on a psychological level look at the sphere and their beliefs about it (alone or with the help of a specialist to work on changing beliefs, etc), and at the level of energy to work with a particular chakra (alone or specialist) and the whole energy system.

1. Root Chakra – represents the will to live, a sense of security, the amount of vital energy that you have every day, the body’s immunity, awareness of your body, contact with nature, ease of making money and take care of the material sphere of life. Does this area feel harmony?

2. Chakra Cross – represents contact with their own emotions and feelings, express them freely, acceptance of their bodies and their sexuality, taking care of health, joy of life, creativity, passion and healthy eating. Does this area feel harmony?

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – represents awareness of self, self-esteem, the limits of physical and mental courage, the ability to act effectively, time management, well-being. Does this area feel harmony?

4. Heart Chakra – represents love and emotional relationships, self-acceptance, altruism, empathy, the ability to forgive, joy of life, sensitivity. Does this area feel harmony?

5. Throat Chakra – represents the communication with others, assertiveness, freedom, self-expression through creative activities and performance on career path. Does this area feel harmony?

6. Third Eye Chakra – representing inner wisdom, intuition, interest in internal development, the need to dive into himself. Does this area feel harmony?

7. The crown chakra – represents the realm of the spiritual quest of man, openness to diversity, tolerance, interest in spirituality, philosophy, the search for meaning in their lives, self-realization. Does this area feel harmony?